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Cocoa Compact cover annotator for biological noun phrases

By accessing this website or any Cocoa or NPjoint service, you convey your assent to these terms ("Terms of Use"). The terms are simple.
You agree to not:
  • utilize the Cocoa services to provide a competitive service,
  • republish information provided by the the Cocoa Services in a bulk format*,
  • reverse engineer the Cocoa service for any purpose.
and you agree to:
  • give attribution to Cocoa/NPjoint in any documents/web pages where results obtained through the Cocoa services are displayed/used.
These terms will probably change; please check back soon.

*NOTE: Anybody who wants to run Cocoa against a manually annotated publicly available collection (for any reason, including checking/rating Cocoa's performance) is free to do so, and is free to republish the results as well as Cocoa's annotations in a public portal (with attribution to Cocoa). However, please first email contact at npjoint.com so that a convenient time can be scheduled for batch processing, so that other users will not be shut out.

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